TikTok Experiments Gone Wrong !

7. mai. 2021
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Azzyland - TikTok Experiments Gone Wrong ! These are TikTok Gone Wrong! We will tell our parents that we did it for SCIENCE. Don't forget to leave a like!

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  • Don’t try these at home! Reminder we did these for SCIENCE!

    AzzyLandAzzyLandMåned siden
    • 😮🤩😮🤩 am obsessed with science 💛💛💛

      Robert ProtheroeRobert Protheroe20 dager siden
    • You are cutie pie 😇💙💓

      Muhammad IbrahimMuhammad Ibrahim26 dager siden
    • Don't 📄✍🏾try📄✍🏾this📄✍🏾at📄✍🏾home👀

      Forever GymnasticsForever GymnasticsMåned siden
    • G.s

      LishergtiLishergtiMåned siden
    • @Dragon Heart The Kind Dragon 🐲 good

      Corpse brideCorpse brideMåned siden
  • let's just realize that the only blender that can blend chains is in Tom & Jerry

    wolf lasswolf lass20 dager siden
  • Azzy is killin' it with those puns!! 💖

    AkkiAkki26 dager siden
  • SHE JUST WENT YEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman NayrMåned siden

    Rman NayrRman NayrMåned siden
  • When did teachers turn into morons?

    Roy MestonRoy MestonMåned siden
  • Nobody: Me when the video of the person blending chains came on: ATAKU ATAKU

    Cat GeorgeCat GeorgeMåned siden
    • Kurapika is now drowning in an indescribable emptiness

      Cat GeorgeCat GeorgeMåned siden

    Not Lily GraceNot Lily GraceMåned siden
  • cant stop laughing

    Lexi AlfordLexi AlfordMåned siden
  • Uhhh.... azzyland the one with the watermelon was imbrandonfarris.

    °Meg-Rat°°Meg-Rat°Måned siden
  • 2:00 This is why we can’t have nice things

    Jinelle CorrieaJinelle CorrieaMåned siden
  • Hey that was Brandon Farris, he's hilarious 😁

    Keisha JohnsonKeisha JohnsonMåned siden
  • Ok I’m not trying to be rude but if u look at 0:35 u will see that the man being ‘set on fire’ has bubbles on his hands, I learnt that in science if u r to mix dish soap, water a certain gass I can’t remember and oxygen together u can SAFELY ‘set alight’ your hand. This doesn’t actually hurt just feels very warm. (Did it myself) although this DOES NOT mean u should do it still as it’s only safe with professional scientists who are experienced in this experiment STAY SAFE xx ❤️😁 🔥

    Phoebe EPhoebe EMåned siden

    Annabelle BlankenshipAnnabelle BlankenshipMåned siden
  • When it was at 4:06 I thought it was him talking 🤣🤣🤣😃

    kenzie Gracekenzie GraceMåned siden
  • "Turn an egg into a rubber ball" My class did that in 7th grade and someone broke the egg by seeing if it would bounce and it smelled so bad that we took turns hitting him upside the head. That egg was in the vinegar for 2 weeks, it went bad and the vinegar smell didn't help. Just don't try that experiment with idiots!

    Gamer KittenGamer KittenMåned siden
  • I love you azzy but sometimes you talk a little to much but trust me I talk a lot to but sometimes it's a little annoying

    Teagan SantoroTeagan SantoroMåned siden
  • 10k like lol

    Celina De LeonCelina De LeonMåned siden
  • Azzy I've watched you one time but then I forgot you but hello 😃

    LishergtiLishergtiMåned siden

    Montana ParksMontana ParksMåned siden
  • Azzyland react to kwebbelkop two disstrack

    Mbulelo LenaMbulelo LenaMåned siden
  • Your voice is raspy, are you ok?

    Sky KamiraSky KamiraMåned siden
  • Love how azzy just laughs when things go wrong 😂

    •cringy Cori••cringy Cori•Måned siden
  • What happened to ur voice?

    Ichigo _1352Ichigo _1352Måned siden
  • 3:44 that was accualy a joke and he meant for it happen

    Sienna :pSienna :pMåned siden
  • I'm happy your voice is better 💚👑Queen Azzy👑💚 ❤️💋Azzylanders💋❤️

    Sienna :pSienna :pMåned siden
  • I love your video's and your tik tok's can you come to my house it is next to the library on colne road

    Kieron TraversKieron TraversMåned siden
  • Hi

    Ronnie Queen KimmyRonnie Queen KimmyMåned siden
  • Imma ignore the fact I am late and I lost my tooth during this video

    Emily RomerOEmily RomerOMåned siden
  • 6:28 class is on fire 🔥 literally ok class 👏 time to practice your fire drill 🔥 skills

    LuigiChamp Number 1LuigiChamp Number 1Måned siden
  • Love the edits on this one🌂🌧

    john luisjohn luisMåned siden
  • It just me or she is in a different place in every video

    Ximena DavidXimena DavidMåned siden
  • Azzy r u sick? You sound sick :( If u are I hope you feel way way way better soon

    Autumn MaplecloverAutumn MaplecloverMåned siden
  • It happened at my school

    Kenia ArguelloKenia ArguelloMåned siden
  • Today was my birthday at school and you go to choose who you want to watch for breakfast & snack and runs and guess who I Choose You to watch at school and I always buy your merge and guess what I were to school for my birthday was your merch and I share them to my friend but I don't really have many friends basically just like 5 friends and my five friends are are Aubree was my truest friend from the start we've been friends for five years now and my other friends is Jayla kensley Skyler in another Aubrey

    Cindy LeclairCindy LeclairMåned siden
  • What if the expeirement is in the closet 2:05-2:13

    Ashlyn JohnsonAshlyn JohnsonMåned siden
  • omg i love you azzy yey

    feebie thomasfeebie thomasMåned siden
  • If my teacher put azzy on I would be so HAPPY and a lot of my friends

    Cat girl 100Cat girl 100Måned siden
  • Noooo

    LxxbbyyLxxbbyyMåned siden
  • Early

    cheyster kittenscheyster kittensMåned siden
  • Me:sees the blender tiktok Also me: imma try it with fruit!

    Cookie_puffsCookie_puffsMåned siden
  • Hi azzy, I know you probs get loads of requests for shoutouts but could you maybe give me a shoutout?? I love your videos and your merch!! Ps: allways be positive xx!

    FOXYFOXYMåned siden
  • Azzy.. When that man light his hand on fire 🔥. I WAS SHOCKED 😲. Azzy pls answer me. I am the biggest fan of u

    Cookie swirl h Dc4hr5Cookie swirl h Dc4hr5Måned siden
  • I love her Merch!!!!

    FOXYFOXYMåned siden
  • Hii

    HazelHazelMåned siden
  • I like the name science gone wrong

    Anna TrimboliAnna TrimboliMåned siden
  • That made jump you should have a jump scare warning

    Anna TrimboliAnna TrimboliMåned siden
  • ok. Imbrandonferris has the best 5 minute craft vids

    ima potatoima potatoMåned siden
  • Are we not gonna talk about how Azzy is plummeting at a rapid pace,ORRR!Like all she does is react and her views are going terribly low and her content is getting worse and worse 😬.No joke,I have been watching since 2018 but YEESH

    Tombom SanoTombom SanoMåned siden
  • esy il subscrib

    Mercedes PerezMercedes PerezMåned siden
  • wow...

    short videosshort videosMåned siden
  • Azzy: Buy my merch. Me: Ok! :)

    フルブライトケネスフルブライトケネスMåned siden
  • Do you just wake up

    Shana LoveShana LoveMåned siden
    • Ha

      Shana LoveShana LoveMåned siden
  • My teacher made me tie a ribbon in my hair in science class because she was afraid I was going to light my hair on fire when turning on a lighter. Cmon, that is the smallest flame ever.

    Selena FarpeakSelena FarpeakMåned siden
  • How do you edit your videos because I struggle to edit my videos and I need help😭

    Leandré  JohnsonLeandré JohnsonMåned siden
  • Dang 😬 poor IPhone

    Aesthetic StrxwberryAesthetic StrxwberryMåned siden
  • Pause at 1:03 her face is funny

    Phuong NguyenPhuong NguyenMåned siden
  • Idk if its just me if it is its probably cause i haven't watched her in a long time but she kinda sounds sick (in my opinion)

    Kate 125Kate 125Måned siden
  • I really like your videos

    Kelcea BKelcea BMåned siden
  • Me when I saw brandon farris😱😱

    Sloane BiresSloane BiresMåned siden
  • The one on 3:06 I already watched before this video but I think it is my favorite

    Tøtally Nøt A PøtatøTøtally Nøt A PøtatøMåned siden
  • Plzz react on people with super powers

    Syed MuhammadSyed MuhammadMåned siden
  • Omg I love how Brandon is in this video

    Kiki's KornerKiki's KornerMåned siden
  • I've got a NOtown channel called SDAtv

    sophie paynesophie payneMåned siden

    { • K1tty • }{ • K1tty • }Måned siden
  • 6:28 the floor is LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hina HajraHina HajraMåned siden
  • Its Mrs B

    Sarita AgrawalSarita AgrawalMåned siden
  • Plz see this comment and like this comment. It would mean the world to me, I also really want to buy your merchandise I love it 🥰 Stay awesome! Stay sweet! And DONT forget to be like to everyone! BYE BYE !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Greenswood NeighbourhoodGreenswood NeighbourhoodMåned siden
  • azzy are you ok??

  • Hi

    Gaming with JaniahGaming with JaniahMåned siden
  • AzzyLand A Z Z. Y L. A. N. D W A A A E. M. I. A E N Z Y. G. A C. R S. Y Z. E. Z E I O Y. N. I. N M. D. N. G E. G.

    Peyton FPeyton FMåned siden
  • 7:23 lmao, my stomach aches now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    CyPHR PiKaChUCyPHR PiKaChUMåned siden
  • hi

    arwa omararwa omarMåned siden
  • House tour

    SssniperleopardSssniperleopardMåned siden
  • Why don't you do fun videos enymore 😢😢😢

    Aicha LatracheAicha LatracheMåned siden
  • To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! 🦋

    Esther PEsther PMåned siden
  • Usually at lunch I pull out my laptop and watch your youtube videos! People at my school see me watching azzyland and they love your channel!

    ᴄʀʏꜱᴛᴀʟ ᴅɪᴀᴍᴏɴᴅ ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴄʀʏꜱᴛᴀʟ ᴅɪᴀᴍᴏɴᴅ ᴀɴɢᴇʟMåned siden
  • hi azzy I'm your biggest fan and my little sis is covid positive

    Doryn laherDoryn laherMåned siden
  • I had a teacher that would do the lighting the bubbles on fire experiment on his bald head 😂

    Poppy KnowlesPoppy KnowlesMåned siden
  • Thumbnail

    Its_EllaIts_EllaMåned siden
  • Why is ur voice uhmm....... wrecked?

    Jeremiah DavidJeremiah DavidMåned siden
  • Why do you sound sick

    Oscar BrownlowOscar BrownlowMåned siden
  • Um sorry to say this but is azzy going to fast at talking

    Sunshine FamilySunshine FamilyMåned siden
  • I did the setting had on fire experiment in class yesterday, he did it right but he didnt have to shake his hand, it would have gone ouut in 5 seconds anyway :)

    madeleine malmaeusmadeleine malmaeusMåned siden
  • 3:54 who have seen this before??🤣🤣 *Chances of getting attacked by cheese are less...but never zero*

    아디Aditi아디AditiMåned siden
  • :>

    twiinwihtewolfjade andsddtwiinwihtewolfjade andsddMåned siden
  • 3:58 looks more like spaghetti to me

    DannyDannyMåned siden
  • i feel like this channel is dying

    Beast SnareシBeast SnareシMåned siden
  • Azzyland never pins comments

    Nikstar112Nikstar112Måned siden
  • Azzy never pins comments

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  • I just want to get noticed

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  • Me: tries to get top comment Verified NOtownrs: imma end this mans career

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  • Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids

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  • Can I get famous off this comment

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  • You look kinda creepy with no eyebrows

    Camdyn AtkinCamdyn AtkinMåned siden
  • At school once I heard people making fun of your videos :(

    YaDucky The DuckYaDucky The DuckMåned siden
  • Anyone remember when she dressed as the Disney characters and didn’t post for like a week and you checked her EVERYDAY to see if she Uploaded? CUZ YOU JUST WANTED TO BE ENTERTAINED AND TO HEAR HER SWEET HUMBLE VOICE!

    Cover My EyesCover My EyesMåned siden
  • i love ur voice azzy love u

    Natalsia KellyNatalsia KellyMåned siden
  • Wow your cute azzyland and your laugh is cute

    royalkingkayroyalkingkayMåned siden
  • Hey Azzy ! You make me laugh whenever you upload a video , I am thirteen and now know what experiment not to do😂just wanted to let u know we all love you and if you see my comment is it possible u could reply?that would mean a lot 🥺by the way my name is falak

    Vibes💖Vibes💖Måned siden