Reacting to Crazy Beauty Products !

13. mai. 2021
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Azzyland - Reacting to Crazy Beauty Products ! When did beauty and skin care get so high tech. I am shook!

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  • 3:21 looks like a scene from Jumangi

    Cmiller5653 Password1Cmiller5653 Password19 dager siden
  • Me one of those people who can’t see

    Rina FaithRina Faith9 dager siden
  • I hate you soon much

    Lizaida CortesLizaida Cortes10 dager siden
  • I have natural freckles and it does ufend me

    Stephanie HarrisStephanie Harris10 dager siden
  • I’ll have to tell my friend about that my eyebrow stuff because she just recently hospital with an acute leukaemia so should be so happy that she will be able to get her eyebrows back because they were her pride and joy

    Lisa KerrisonLisa Kerrison11 dager siden
  • little ones on my nose

    McKenna McNeely-RenaudMcKenna McNeely-Renaud11 dager siden
  • i have freckles and no it doesn't afend me

    McKenna McNeely-RenaudMcKenna McNeely-Renaud11 dager siden
  • For anyone also wondering about the freckles. personally I dont get offended. i do get offended when people cover up there freckles and redraw them!!! YOUR ALL BEAUTIFUL EITHER WAY

    Ruby. ITS RUBY Ruby. ITS RUBY 13 dager siden
  • 6:26 i think that anyone can wear freckles whatever makes you fell beautiful works

    Sophia GutierrezSophia Gutierrez14 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr16 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr16 dager siden
  • ive had a transplant but seeing the hair thing is weird

    xXRainbow BerryxxXRainbow Berryx16 dager siden
  • i have natural freckles wierdo'

    Ratrere SwRatrere Sw17 dager siden
  • Yes I am offended

    D.j  WafflesD.j Waffles18 dager siden
  • awesome video 📸

    MegaPikachu 21MegaPikachu 2119 dager siden
  • yes i do

    Alyson PegramAlyson Pegram19 dager siden
  • Eww

    Amy LeeAmy Lee19 dager siden
  • 6:30 YES 😡 I have to cover my freckles with foundation to not feel insecure and they are out here having people think they’re pretty for freckles.

    TheCopperPennyTheCopperPenny19 dager siden
  • I don’t get offended when people are freaking circles but I find it weird

    Grace EGrace E19 dager siden
  • I know it’s fun to do make up but no madre how you look you are beautiful and you don’t need make up Ps on dads acc

    J. HallJ. Hall21 dag siden
  • Hey azzy on the freckle stamps I have freckles and yeah Soo hi

    britain jamesonbritain jameson21 dag siden
  • nope my face is full of freckles I never get offended. its just people being creative(:

    Ninjago ShortsNinjago Shorts21 dag siden
  • I am a person with freckals and no it is not afending

    Amanda MckayAmanda Mckay21 dag siden

    Luther WestLuther West21 dag siden
  • I have natural freckles c:

    Space LlamaSpace Llama21 dag siden
  • this was made on my birthday woah!

    Abigail JonesAbigail Jones22 dager siden
  • I have like a million billion freckles all over me! At first I thought they weren't beautiful, But I love them now!

    Cayleigh Van ValkenburgCayleigh Van Valkenburg22 dager siden
  • my mom dosent have 2020 vishon so she uses eye contacts so she can use makeup

    Leslie TedderLeslie Tedder22 dager siden
  • 4:29 I can smell the smoke of the make up from here (if your child and your mom used to make up and sometimes she uses it you’ll get it)

    Claudia Van Cleave PerlinClaudia Van Cleave Perlin22 dager siden
  • Azzy girl you so sweet love you xx

    Lil Emma :3Lil Emma :323 dager siden
  • Sowo

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • Sowos

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • Wowos

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • Ska

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • E

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • D

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • X

    Mc nuggetsMc nuggets23 dager siden
  • Have if freckles can lead to skin cancer

    Emma RochaEmma Rocha24 dager siden
  • Yes, yes Azzy I sometimes get offended when people pretend to have freckles.

    Nina PerniceNina Pernice25 dager siden
  • I have irl freckles

    Kailah TamantiniKailah Tamantini26 dager siden
  • Why do people want freckles I know I have them but be who u are u are beautiful in ur own way no matter what u just need to believe it

    Bunbun PlayzBunbun Playz26 dager siden
  • Too

    Lexi LeeLexi Lee26 dager siden
  • Honestly I don’t get offended but I don’t know about other people that have freckles

    Lexi LeeLexi Lee26 dager siden
  • I don’t want freckles anyone want some their free

    Gina UrbanavageGina Urbanavage26 dager siden
  • I had the pen win i was little ✅

    Aurora NandiAurora Nandi26 dager siden
  • I have real freckles!!!!!

    Rose NewtonRose Newton27 dager siden
  • Hurray you finally beat the sore throat voice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Mysterious GirlMysterious Girl27 dager siden
  • I have a whole face FULL of freckles. Im not offended, just surprised.

    OliverrulesthewOliverrulesthew27 dager siden
  • Sometimes I get afedted

    Ema veraEma vera27 dager siden
  • yes i do get offended

    Robin WeissmanRobin Weissman27 dager siden
  • Hi everyone if your having a bad day Azzy will brighten it up with her content on youtube

    TaMyria GoodsTaMyria Goods27 dager siden
  • Who else saw how her voice changed If you can your a true fan

    ꧁ lil Millie ꧂꧁ lil Millie ꧂27 dager siden
  • azzy, you perfect. i love you. i wish i could meet you.

    Emily BaileyEmily Bailey27 dager siden
  • I need those glasses I always mess up my makeup

    Frances20101Frances2010127 dager siden
  • 1:55 clear contacts

    lps lillanlps lillan27 dager siden
  • Why do you and kassie not making any more videos together?

    Reihaneh DamghaniReihaneh Damghani27 dager siden
  • Sorry i'm late but I have freckles and I never thought anyone else would want them!

    Ella HolmesElla Holmes28 dager siden
  • Jjhbvhgcmhfch!bring um by.cult if hit if t in t and you

    karen furutakaren furuta28 dager siden
  • are you sick or something your voice sounds off?

    Hannah ShriverHannah Shriver28 dager siden
  • 6:25 yEsIdO!!!

    Bored2Death 180Bored2Death 18028 dager siden
  • I llke you azzy. And love you

    Devin SewardDevin Seward28 dager siden
  • Me

    Devin SewardDevin Seward28 dager siden
  • This is so cool

    Shannon HurleyShannon Hurley28 dager siden
  • Fun fact one of my eyes is long sighted and the other is short sighted so that dont work on me :D

    R3mixeD KatR3mixeD Kat28 dager siden
  • You are cutie pie 😇💙💓

    Muhammad IbrahimMuhammad Ibrahim28 dager siden
  • Me who has natural freckles, blue eyes, and natural orange hair: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheehheehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehehhe

    FBIFBI28 dager siden
  • Deskusting

    madison wonderful worldmadison wonderful world29 dager siden
  • no i dont get afended when people where frekles. dont judge my tiping im a kid

    Daisy 5238Daisy 523829 dager siden
  • You don’t need makeup your beautiful just the way you are Beauty is on the inside Not the o̶u̶t̶s̶i̶d̶e̶ You are beautiful just the way you are Stay safe to everyone not just reading this comment but everyone everywhere!

    KaylaPlayzRobloxKaylaPlayzRoblox29 dager siden
  • Finally your voice sounds a b it better

    Natalie RomNatalie Rom29 dager siden
  • As someone with freckles I can answer your question I personally don’t get offended by this but I don’t know maybe someone well

    KAYKAY29 dager siden
  • The answer is yeah, we guess when we put makeup 😂 get as close to the mirror as possible and make it look perfect..

    Projekt Dark SideProjekt Dark Side29 dager siden

    Richard BeaumontRichard Beaumont29 dager siden
  • i would love if she had an intro

    Laiba RummanLaiba Rumman29 dager siden
  • You know, I actually have freckles, but the weird thing is, it's also on my hands too

    Kit-Kat's LitterboxKit-Kat's LitterboxMåned siden
  • if you want freckles just dont wear sunscreen on your face during summer. learned that the hard way

    Ava BlairAva BlairMåned siden
  • As a person with freckles I'm not offended at all with the trends for people to make freckles I think it's cute

    Positivity SkyePositivity SkyeMåned siden
  • I want you and kassie to do a video together agen

    Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
    • Plz

      Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
    • Plz

      Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
    • Plz

      Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
    • Pl

      Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
    • PLZ

      Emma PersadEmma PersadMåned siden
  • The cumbersome libra arespectively matter because route customarily trap between a quirky grey. depressed, itchy driving

    Andrew LeeAndrew LeeMåned siden
  • I have really bad eyesight and to put on makeup you just go rly close to a mirror

    Daniella B.Daniella B.Måned siden
  • do you ewer dide yhore hair

    Vlado SunkoVlado SunkoMåned siden
  • As a natural freckle person. At least for me, I will make fun of you with my friends if they look horrible, otherwise no we don't get offended. It's whatever.

    well damnwell damnMåned siden
  • What

    Claire Gies-TsilikounasClaire Gies-TsilikounasMåned siden
  • Azzy I ❤️you

    The Luckett FAmilyThe Luckett FAmilyMåned siden
  • guys if you see this you have to subscribe and like this vid ok make her dream come true :D :)

    Rai MendezRai MendezMåned siden
  • As someone who needs glasses, its meh. I don't have horrible vision, but I do have astigmatism, which is when my eyes see the same thing but at different angles. It sounds weird but eh. anyway, its not too hard but it takes getting used to. I have to kind of measure the distance, and it takes a bit of guessing, but its doable. I also never do anything crazy, so that might help. Tldr, yes. I do guess.

    AlexDoesSomethingAlexDoesSomethingMåned siden

    GlitchtrapGlitchtrapMåned siden
  • I have had the liquid glitter eyeshadow and I dont remember it ever drying and it just felt weird and wet and hated it. But it could have been the brand I used to

    Alexis Stroup-SAlexis Stroup-SMåned siden
  • For all u wondering about people with natural freckles just hate when they ain’t realistic

    Ginger DorseyGinger DorseyMåned siden
  • Can u make a video where you try these

    Gummy bear PileGummy bear PileMåned siden
  • 1:55 ish I'm basically legally blind with glasses (this means without glasses or contacts I cant do things like driving) so is my mom and aunt. If we don't have contacts on its get very close to the mirror and just try. Good thing is you do contacts before makeup (or else you can get makeup on the contact and then in your eye and then start tearing up). This means if you're doing makeup blind, you're wearing glasses, and glasses can kinda just help hide the mess ups. Though I have to clean my mirror a lot because mascara gets on it.

    Em BrownEm BrownMåned siden
  • I love how she’s nice and posts avry

    Ashley LaninaAshley LaninaMåned siden
  • Azzy is sooo nice and amazing let’s just take 999999HRS to respect the short angle

    Trees shotoTrees shotoMåned siden
  • I have glasses and all i do is sit really close to the mirror

    Mackenzie SchneiderMackenzie SchneiderMåned siden
  • Not offended. It is just REALLY weird to see people want freckles after YEARS of being bullied for them.

    R CR CMåned siden
  • Finally azzy's voice is back😥😥😥

    Queen KubdaniQueen KubdaniMåned siden
  • Her voice still so

    Natalia BrownNatalia BrownMåned siden
  • Ive tried the glitter freckels... they dont come off..

    Addison Nova Addison Nova Måned siden
  • About the glasses I’m visually impaired and I just do my makeup by feel!!!

    Audrianna EllisAudrianna EllisMåned siden
  • 1. That eyebrow thing looks DISGUSTING

    MALAIKA ZULFIQAR Gulistan-e-Johar CampusMALAIKA ZULFIQAR Gulistan-e-Johar CampusMåned siden