Funniest TIKTOK FAILS Ever !

22. mai. 2021
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Azzyland - Funniest TIKTOK FAILS Ever !

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  • Coke and mentos Mentos release carbon dioxide which build up in the coke and you guys will know the rest🤗

    ShadowxwolfShadowxwolf9 timer siden
  • I love the outro 💕

  • The hair one is

    Smallannik PlaysSmallannik Plays4 dager siden
  • She sounds and looks so tired

    Singing 4songSinging 4song7 dager siden
  • I have called my teachers mom many times different teachers

    Abigail PerryAbigail Perry8 dager siden
  • Awesome

    Emersyn EthanEmersyn Ethan10 dager siden
  • Tbh I used to want to ride the garage door up too when I was a little kid (and also I still want to even though I'm fourteen) 😅

    Story Animation GirlStory Animation Girl12 dager siden
  • Please, pray for everyone.

    Ian KammermanIan Kammerman13 dager siden
  • What happen to your voice

    Ana AguilarAna Aguilar15 dager siden
  • I really like Azzy's reactions when she sees something cute. 😊

    ❤ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ Mi-kun ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ❤❤ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ Mi-kun ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ❤15 dager siden
  • What happened to the camera quality and mic

    Kykythery 33Kykythery 3316 dager siden
  • 2:12 how? just turn off main watter cap (that turn off all watter in house) and go buy new part wich just broke (better take it with you), thenput new piece in. Or If you donť know how to do it just turn watter off and call someone who can do it. At least that's what we do in our country ( Europe) ;)

    Pavel VašákPavel Vašák16 dager siden
  • One time y flooded my bathroom and y died inside

    Nora PeraltaNora Peralta16 dager siden
  • REST IN PEACE SOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr18 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr18 dager siden
  • Hi Azzy I am a new fan

    Sharda LutchmandeenSharda Lutchmandeen18 dager siden
  • she said ''thank u next'' time please dont bring yor dad

  • yeah my mom buys those gummies just to eat them like candy she calls them "expensive candy"

    kitty01kitty0119 dager siden
  • what up with your voice???????

    MJ FifeMJ Fife19 dager siden
  • Yes it is really soothing

    Lilyan HurnerLilyan Hurner19 dager siden
  • What happened to hipper Azzy is something wrong

    Ms.savage OWOMs.savage OWO20 dager siden
  • azzy u sound sick :(

    Silvernickel121Silvernickel12120 dager siden
  • 3:22 i think her goal was to be a smerf lol

    Kolton YarbroKolton Yarbro20 dager siden
  • Doesn't azzy look less enthusiastic this time

    Sai Jayinee SolutionsSai Jayinee Solutions20 dager siden
  • I know you have to earn money off these video's, but seriously: 4 commercials in a 9 minute video is a bit ridiculous....

    Fred MiriamFred Miriam20 dager siden
  • Conclusion cat is 73 percent fluff

    HarshavardhanHarshavardhan21 dag siden
  • "the azzys of the horse world" -azzyland 2021

    shirashira21 dag siden
  • :their like the azzys of the horse world" 😂😂😂😂

    olive sandlerolive sandler21 dag siden
  • I like your new sparkly background

    DannyDanny22 dager siden
  • i love your vioeds buy the way this is a kid spaeking

    Average AutumnAverage Autumn22 dager siden
  • 6:57 I like how she said metal school XD what are you supposed to learn there? I really want to know.

    Kayla DaymanKayla Dayman22 dager siden
  • At 8:00 , Fun fact ; If you eat too many vitamin gummys, you will poo them out the next day 💩👌!

    CarrotCarrot22 dager siden
  • Your voice got better!! 😁

    Leah MartinezLeah Martinez22 dager siden
  • What happen to your voice? Still beautiful, & hot!

    Mel BorjaMel Borja22 dager siden
  • 3:28 she a smirf

    Donike BeadleDonike Beadle22 dager siden
  • IDK why but when azzy was watching the pony one, i think that one was supposed to be how the pony stopped right on time so it didn't hit the fence, love your vids

    Isabelle BrooksIsabelle Brooks22 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard

    Blink foreverBlink forever22 dager siden
  • "lady fingers and mentos" like is u get it

    C CappaC Cappa22 dager siden
  • Were is your boyfriend at

    Peyton PricePeyton Price22 dager siden
  • Once I called my teacher mum in front of my holle class

    Livi shortsLivi shorts22 dager siden
  • 2:05 happend to me but with a toilet

    AlishbaAlishba22 dager siden
  • The inconclusive alloy adventitiously pat because ferry successively start next a terrific dredger. sloppy, berserk girl

    Edi LoshiEdi Loshi23 dager siden
  • I know that someone already texted this but...........Dear all of you your gorgouse, be happy, someone loves you even if you dont think so and i hope that you all have a great life and did i mension your awesome just the way you r (-:

    Emyo KamisamaEmyo Kamisama23 dager siden
    • @Mike Drops never forget what i said

      Emyo KamisamaEmyo Kamisama22 dager siden
    • Mike DropsMike Drops23 dager siden
  • Hi

    Coco MaiCoco Mai23 dager siden
  • I unfortunately do not have a very good core, and m very flexible, so when I went indoor skydiving, I looked like a pool noodle

    Miss Snake LoverMiss Snake Lover23 dager siden
  • 7:38 Yes same someone who gets me!!😂

    Sofia MartinezSofia Martinez23 dager siden
  • Havnt watched an azzyland video in years, glad to see you're still not making actual content.

    Rj SingsterRj Singster23 dager siden
  • I’m allergic to penicillin

    Shaylynn LuytShaylynn Luyt23 dager siden
  • 3.34 it happened to me before

    Angie wangie prinsloo.Angie wangie prinsloo.23 dager siden
  • I was subscribed since 3mil

    MR ASMRMR ASMR23 dager siden
  • Azzy ur pretty

    glory handsyglory handsy23 dager siden
  • omg i once almost called my bff mommy LOLL

    LunaMooniiLunaMoonii23 dager siden
  • Is your voice ok?

    James wood fitnessJames wood fitness23 dager siden
  • hi

    Irene DienesIrene Dienes23 dager siden
  • Grande

    gamermatea oooOooOgamermatea oooOooO23 dager siden

    gamermatea oooOooOgamermatea oooOooO23 dager siden
  • 6:03 Who else loves the way Azzy said “Aww”?🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Nicky de KlerkNicky de Klerk23 dager siden
  • R u ok? U sound sick.....

    NO ONO O23 dager siden
  • Azzy i wanna see you react to cute snakes. Also this video os amazing. 😃

    Reality DoggoReality Doggo23 dager siden
  • azzy please follow me i watch all your video and i watch all of glooms video

    peythegachagirlpeythegachagirl23 dager siden
  • Apparently the mentos in coke has to do with the pore structure on the surface of the mentos giving the carbon dioxide a million places to form a bubble.

    Joseph ThomasJoseph Thomas23 dager siden
  • Azzy kinda look like Ariana Grande or am I trippin any one else?

    CookiezzartCookiezzart23 dager siden
  • The dog also didn't saw the girl otherwise he would definitely help the girl

    Moon ChoudharyMoon Choudhary23 dager siden
  • Hi Azzy I love your videos

    Sabrina AndersonSabrina Anderson23 dager siden
  • I just saw your ad on NOtown that is amazing

    Abby and julian's ChannelAbby and julian's Channel23 dager siden
  • Hi azzy 😍😘😘

    Free Fire proFree Fire pro23 dager siden
  • Once my Mom called a random person baby

    Star GirlStar Girl23 dager siden
  • No wonder better channels are not getting views, those simps are just watching garbage channels that are repetitive

    Zaitoro _Zaitoro _23 dager siden
  • I remember when I called my teacher mom the hole class looked at Mei died inside

  • Nice

    Reet kaurReet kaur23 dager siden
  • Love you azzy!!!! ❤❤❤

    Your undertale obsessed lesbian best friendYour undertale obsessed lesbian best friend23 dager siden
  • I mean the best

    Jayce PangmanJayce Pangman23 dager siden
  • Hi azzy you the bedt

    Jayce PangmanJayce Pangman23 dager siden
    • AZZY🥰🥰🥰🥰

      Jayce PangmanJayce Pangman23 dager siden
  • U are sooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

    Samantha SmithSamantha Smith23 dager siden
  • Hi azzy hope u have a amazing day these are funny asf😗

    Shelby ZedekerShelby Zedeker23 dager siden
  • You are cutie pie 😇💙💓

    Muhammad IbrahimMuhammad Ibrahim23 dager siden
  • You know I am 11 years old and ate ten gummies today ten vitamin gummies I went ahead even though it's s said 1-2

    ZIZI LANDZIZI LAND23 dager siden
  • Azzy- “Omg I wish I could ride a garage door” Me-“Oo Oo me too” 5 minutes later Me- yes can I get a garage ride? Garage person- that will be 10$s

    puppy landpuppy land23 dager siden
  • azzy is so good at reaction

  • e

    Nicola DudowiczNicola Dudowicz23 dager siden
  • Hi

    •Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ••Bërñådëtte•Jöyçē• Møñtāñõ•23 dager siden
  • Please pin this :I LOVE YOU AZZY!

    Jennifer PaulsenJennifer Paulsen23 dager siden
  • Lovely vid but the noise at 2:30 .. can you not do that again please, I know its to add drama but holy...

    Cerelia FeiyinCerelia Feiyin23 dager siden
  • you are the best youtuber i have ever seen

    dragon reactsdragon reacts23 dager siden
  • I went indoor skydiving and i did great but I think was also an eleven year old who did gymnstics so could have greatly changed how easily i could do it

    Sophy VanegasSophy Vanegas23 dager siden
  • Even if we watch azzyland's videos for 24 hours , we dont get bored ❤️

    Sreelatha reddySreelatha reddy23 dager siden
  • Even if we watch azzyland's videos for 24 hours , we dont get bored ❤️

    Sreelatha reddySreelatha reddy23 dager siden
  • She said “ psa” did she mean “POV” ?????

    Doriana silentnight SsoDoriana silentnight Sso23 dager siden
  • As soon as I see TikTok in the title, I skip the crap video.

    Russ is RandomRuss is Random23 dager siden
  • fun fact my 3rd and 4th teacher grade (she was the same teacher for both) was a professional skydiver i think she skydived like 423 times it was something like that

    Cheya HagemeyerCheya Hagemeyer23 dager siden
  • I love watching your videos they're so much fun when are you and Gloom going to do another video or play Among Us? And how is Jordy doing?

    Colossal KillerColossal Killer23 dager siden
  • who else notised that azzy is allways loosing her voice😂

    lävëndër bøbã tëalävëndër bøbã tëa23 dager siden
  • Azzy why arent you so loud anymore?.

    weebachuweebachu23 dager siden
  • I hope you all have a great day 💖

    Esther PEsther P23 dager siden
  • It said TikTikTok at the beggining

    DREAM LIFEDREAM LIFE23 dager siden
  • i love assay so much but she dose not notic me

    Stephanie CampbellStephanie Campbell23 dager siden

    liyan Sweidanliyan Sweidan23 dager siden
  • Why does gloom and Lorenzide have boyfriends but you don’t

    Temperance HaydenTemperance Hayden23 dager siden
  • Azzyland do you play Minecraft?

    Weezie CWeezie C23 dager siden
  • Could you please make another one of those riddle videos with gloom, they are my fave! Ps you’ve earned yourself another subscriber 🤗

    leyla vahaplarleyla vahaplar23 dager siden