Funniest PET Compilation - Try Not To Laugh

15. mai. 2021
316 805 Ganger

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Azzyland - Funniest PET Compilation - Try Not To Laugh - There is nothing better than a good pet. The only thing that can be better is a funny pet!

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  • If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?? 🐱🐶

    AzzyLandAzzyLandMåned siden
    • A Really Fluffy Cat 🐱🥰😍

      Rυʋʏ𝚣𝚟ąɬ༊Rυʋʏ𝚣𝚟ąɬ༊5 dager siden
    • A cockatiel (a type of bird)

      MissUnluckMissUnluck7 dager siden
    • WOLFS!!!!!!!!

      demonpup53demonpup537 dager siden
    • Frog

      ♥︎Cat♥︎♥︎Cat♥︎8 dager siden
    • @PurpleXXxxxxXXbunny lol u can't have unicorn 😂😂😂😂

      Pokemon loverPokemon lover8 dager siden
  • That orange cat do look like Krookshanks from Harry Potter

    Simmy KushnerSimmy KushnerDag siden
  • I’m not disputing my name is

    Lisa Marie ContrerasLisa Marie Contreras2 dager siden
  • this is me skiing... or living

    Adam EdgellAdam Edgell3 dager siden
  • lol i have an american pitbull i think people are afraid of them bc some people raise them to be vicious.

    Stefanie NevilleStefanie Neville4 dager siden
  • Umm... A unicorn! Also amazing vid! :)

    jkm242jkm2424 dager siden
  • If cats have 9 lives then why do they need to land on there feet

    Naya ElrayesNaya Elrayes4 dager siden
  • Me dog sleeps in my bed every night with me mostly right behind my knees

    Ashley LottAshley Lott5 dager siden
  • Eyelash bird mowhawk! *Mind blown*

    demonpup53demonpup537 dager siden
  • a dogo

    Gabriela BarbosaGabriela Barbosa7 dager siden
  • The cat after biting the fidget spinners went ooooooohhhhhh anyone else saw it

    ImuikyuImuikyu7 dager siden
  • I got a big dog and he is not good

    Linda KickerLinda Kicker8 dager siden
  • I have a pitbull pls don't be scared of them she is so sweet

    Brianne SharpBrianne Sharp8 dager siden
  • Me: I don't want no German Shepard if it cant speak German >:(

    Jagoda MlynkiewiczJagoda Mlynkiewicz8 dager siden
  • All my life i have had pitbulls. I love them🥰🥰🥰

    Aynara CoraAynara Cora8 dager siden
  • I would LOVE a yellow budgie. >-

    Eliana PerezEliana Perez8 dager siden
  • Puppy is I m very pet

    Carly ClarkeCarly Clarke10 dager siden
  • Azzy a I,m sad I am sick

    Carly ClarkeCarly Clarke10 dager siden
  • The dog and the dog is suffering from Harry Potter you finally got tan

    james scitzsjames scitzs12 dager siden
  • Mom said just the song time will give him a piece of our ribs hilarious

    james scitzsjames scitzs12 dager siden
  • It will be a dog and cat

    Leng InLeng In13 dager siden
  • My dog's name is Leo and he is ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah

    Aliencat28Aliencat2813 dager siden

    Norma BurkeNorma Burke13 dager siden
  • my pet is fat rabbit

    Yoana IvanovaYoana Ivanova13 dager siden
  • I have a pit bull his name is rocky

    Brynna SoapeBrynna Soape14 dager siden
  • I have a German Shepard, she’s so cute 🥰

    YT Does PlayYT Does Play14 dager siden
  • My dogs name is Keason ( human name)

    Christina SongChristina Song15 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr16 dager siden
  • THAT PET IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rman NayrRman Nayr16 dager siden
  • Nobody: Azzy: Doggels

    dvickers2010dvickers201017 dager siden
  • Doggles

    smolmoasmolmoa17 dager siden
  • to late i I alredy named my dog AZZY

    Ameliya HernandezAmeliya Hernandez17 dager siden
  • santa dog: what do you want for chrismas azzy just says something else lol!!

    Linda JohnsonLinda Johnson17 dager siden
  • my dog DID sleep in my bed... 5 years ago :

    Dave & Patti FloresDave & Patti Flores17 dager siden
  • Guess what my cat likes to sit in cold sink water well not cold cold just a little bit in the middle

    Rebecca AveryRebecca Avery17 dager siden
  • I just have to say one thing, DOGGLES!

    The Glitched KiwiThe Glitched Kiwi18 dager siden
  • Fun fact dobby from Harry Potter is an idea from a dog that used to live under the desk of a set designer

    Alexis LoveAlexis Love18 dager siden
  • My mom has a Pit-bull mixed with a lab

    Jessie BeesonJessie Beeson19 dager siden
  • I can’t start my day without a azzy pun😁

    Toxic WolfToxic Wolf21 dag siden
  • nope I'm sorry but it's dobby not d-o-bby

    Olivia DelMainOlivia DelMain21 dag siden
  • That dog teaches anthro-paw-logy

    Sarah LehmenSarah Lehmen21 dag siden
  • A little cat pls 🙏🙏

    Hanan NunHanan Nun22 dager siden
    • Oh well it's will be a cat and a ba bunny

      Hanan NunHanan Nun20 dager siden
  • I got bit by a pit bull but uh I still love them sm

    Chiaki...nanamiChiaki...nanami22 dager siden
  • Doggles

    Ryelle GreennRyelle Greenn22 dager siden
  • Azzy: For people who are afraid of pit bulls Me: I have a pit bull and she the cutest thing in the world!

    Jianna RodriguezJianna Rodriguez22 dager siden
  • A dog?

    Esnil Diaz OrtegaEsnil Diaz Ortega23 dager siden
  • My dog doesn’t keep it safe he eats them the second he can

    Nani8196Nani819623 dager siden
  • I hate that azzy cally dobby, doby, she pronounces it like Adobe without the a, its pronounced dobby, dob-ee

    The Emerald VampireThe Emerald Vampire24 dager siden
  • i have a pitboii

    Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations CouncilIndianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council24 dager siden
  • I have a pit bull

    Charles KaneCharles Kane24 dager siden
  • Animals are the best!

    Labradors Are AwesomeLabradors Are Awesome24 dager siden
  • doggles

    Dr Philomina MathewDr Philomina Mathew25 dager siden
  • My name is LILITH TO

    Brandon BowmanBrandon Bowman25 dager siden
  • I am totally not watching this in the middle of the night right after I ran into the door and bruised my head. I'm not

    Gennie BGennie B25 dager siden
  • pit bulls are actually NOT a breed of dog and were bred to be vicious, mean, and scary which is where they got their name from and they are actually really kind and sweet

    Sophie AlexanderSophie Alexander25 dager siden
  • the kittin climing the pole was funny azzy and i love your channel

    Ke'Asia Brown-SKe'Asia Brown-S25 dager siden

    RohanXianCreate ‘sRohanXianCreate ‘s25 dager siden
  • Red panda

    Shannon QuattrocchiShannon Quattrocchi26 dager siden
  • dog

    sawy0480 sawy0480sawy0480 sawy048026 dager siden
  • My dog sleeps on my bed. :3

    Juliette LabrecqueJuliette Labrecque26 dager siden
  • My dog's name is Kimmy

    Trash queenTrash queen26 dager siden
  • Why did you post so late?

    ¹⁰  Rowan Miles ¹⁰¹⁰ Rowan Miles ¹⁰27 dager siden
  • i have a doggo named charlie (sr. charles von waggon bottom) and he does some of the dumbest things ever its so funny

    AstroAstro27 dager siden
  • Doggles

    Danni MackeyDanni Mackey27 dager siden
  • cats love water.. but they don’t like it on their fur

    Lexi AlfordLexi Alford27 dager siden
  • Since everyone is first or early *I'm late*

    xblahxxblahx27 dager siden
  • my grandma was afraid of pits but we get one and she loves pits

    ben& shaneben& shane27 dager siden
  • Its funny because my best friend and my dog have the exact same name, its spelled the sam,its so funny every time she comes to my house

    Irrissa MaxwellIrrissa Maxwell28 dager siden
    • *same

      Irrissa MaxwellIrrissa Maxwell28 dager siden
  • Im subsribed i promise

    Crystal OwensCrystal Owens28 dager siden
  • is azzy sick

    Maya VanDoorenMaya VanDooren28 dager siden
    • and doggles

      Maya VanDoorenMaya VanDooren28 dager siden
  • Bunny

    Elizebeth MartinElizebeth Martin28 dager siden
  • So funny I love you azzy land

    Elizebeth MartinElizebeth Martin28 dager siden
  • I actually named my dog azzy when I was twelve 🥺 I’m turning sixteen in three months ❤️

    Himiko TogaHimiko Toga28 dager siden
  • My kitten NEVER leaves our sink

    fivelittlegoldfishfivelittlegoldfish28 dager siden
  • 6:23 Azzy..I've never been more disappointed... It's DOH- BEE

    xXInsanus_UmbraXxxXInsanus_UmbraXx28 dager siden
  • Me here watching this and forgets that my dog died yesterday

    Nick JamesNick James28 dager siden
  • I have a pitbull and I thout i was going to be protected but nope he just likes to play

    Kaycee MartinezKaycee Martinez28 dager siden
  • Omg if I had a choice it would be a hampster bc they are soooo cute!!!

    Scott HaddonScott Haddon28 dager siden
  • Doggles

    Magdalena BogdanMagdalena Bogdan28 dager siden
  • Glad you recovered from losing your voice Azzy!

    thesamjohnstonthesamjohnston28 dager siden
  • Awwww! What are we learning, Professor Woofletoon?

    Riley DavisRiley Davis28 dager siden
  • My dog recently figured out why were staring at the tv and now he barks like crazy

    The Green Ghost Of the SeasThe Green Ghost Of the Seas28 dager siden
  • I have a frenchie

    MaryLouise FloresMaryLouise Flores28 dager siden
  • i had an electrical collie named john because my uncle was in hawaii

    yello boiyello boi28 dager siden
  • Dont show me a bird it remeaids me my missing bird :(

    May DeduyoMay Deduyo28 dager siden
  • Mine would be a pitbull!

    Blake StotskyBlake Stotsky28 dager siden
  • its dobby not dobey

    RaindoveRaindove28 dager siden
  • hey I have seen that thumbnail

    kaila okaikaila okai29 dager siden
  • 7:55 **tries not to laugh and chokes**

    Strawberry KatStrawberry Kat29 dager siden
  • Name

    Brandon BowmanBrandon Bowman29 dager siden
  • My Nemo is Lilith

    Brandon BowmanBrandon Bowman29 dager siden
  • The concert dog: literally every dog does that 😂❤️

    Babysitting Tips and tricksBabysitting Tips and tricks29 dager siden
  • Everything was fine until she said DOBBY like (Dow-bee) not Dobby like (Daw-bee) And it just really bugs meeeeeeeeee

    • Willow.E.X.E •• Willow.E.X.E •29 dager siden

    Damien RiveraDamien Rivera29 dager siden
  • Hey azzy if you want a dog. Foster one that's what I do💖🥰🐶

    puppylove7383puppylove738329 dager siden
  • My dog is so chill, when he recieved yhe egg, he went over and gave it to my brother, and hes had my hamster in his mouth TWICE and shes completely fine!!

    What What What What WhatWhat What What What What29 dager siden
  • Anybody else remember when azzy did skits and challenges. Now she just watches tic tok

    Greg HychaGreg Hycha29 dager siden

  • Doggles

    bobby guybobby guy29 dager siden
  • I have a pitbull he smiles like that and it's weird to see another dog do that I don't know why but it is but my dog does that but one time we were walking he saw another dog and all I see from my dog is : 😄

    Weeb-chan's :]Weeb-chan's :]29 dager siden