Creative ways to SAVE MONEY

17. mai. 2021
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Creative ways to SAVE MONEY

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  • It's ok to be cheap, save those pennies, sometimes I don't even pay attention #financehack #saving

    AzzyLandAzzyLand29 dager siden
    • hi

      fun famfun fam27 dager siden
    • here before 1mil views B)

      Gumdrop—RobloxGumdrop—Roblox27 dager siden
    • Hiiii

      Ian ParsonsIan Parsons27 dager siden

      Nabiha AfreenNabiha Afreen28 dager siden
    • I love your new backround

      Clara TraversyClara Traversy28 dager siden
  • Cooking with hotel things is a good way to start a fire...or at least set off the smoke alarms.

    handmaidmdhandmaidmd5 dager siden
  • My aunt in italy btw i am from italy had to pay 71 euros for grocieries and then my uncle works in an electrical company and ge gets lots coupons and my auntie used them and she only gad to pay 61p (pence)

    XxLuna_ MaixXXxLuna_ MaixX5 dager siden
  • Her voice at 8:02 😂

    Tangy FishTangy Fish5 dager siden
  • It’s sad cause I’m taller than average for my age and people think I’m 2-4 years older than what I actually am, so pretending I’m younger won’t work

    • Itz _ Emmy •• Itz _ Emmy •7 dager siden
  • My mom always tells me to say I’m 12years old to save money at a restaurant and by making me eat off the kids menu😣😒😉

    Xxblack_ moonxXXxblack_ moonxX7 dager siden
  • Who just spends life in the comments while adds run-? Just me-?

    Addisyn KerstetterAddisyn Kerstetter8 dager siden
  • Can you start crediting these tiktokers? I'd really like to follow the guy that was talking about sweepstakes scams and stuff, but I can't find his account. :/

    MJ WilsonMJ Wilson10 dager siden
  • Azzy, did u really ask can u use a phone in that condition

    Ashe Not FoundAshe Not Found17 dager siden
  • The guy who got his haircut looked like the guy from dumb and dumber 😂😂

    Joleah BrightJoleah Bright20 dager siden
  • 6:09 OMFG oooooohh poor baby idk why I’m laughing but crying at the same time why omg it’s so bad I feel bad now awww. 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 I’m confused on so many different levels.

    Mya GrassoMya Grasso22 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr22 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr22 dager siden
  • That mom where she said “Your gonna tell her your four” she looks like my second grade teacher

    AnnieAnnie24 dager siden
  • Thumb nail: these are the cheapest family ever washes clothes in pool. Me: I can’t even buy a pool

    Melvin HuertaMelvin Huerta24 dager siden
  • Me: sees thumbnail Also me: bicth i dont have no pool

    Suriadi JOHANSJAHSuriadi JOHANSJAH25 dager siden
  • Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

    Matylda DubinskaaMatylda Dubinskaa25 dager siden
  • when the phone was on fire, it was probably because it sat in the sun to long... my dad did it with his phone and it well melted 🧊

    EmskyEmsky26 dager siden
  • You sound and look so sick, I think you should make a visit to dr

    AmandaAmanda26 dager siden
  • My family cheap😯.

    Olsivean BotoyOlsivean Botoy26 dager siden
  • I keep getting this dear evan hanson ad for the new movie and im so excited for it!!

    Kimberly RutherfordKimberly Rutherford26 dager siden
  • E

    Charlie BarrozoCharlie Barrozo26 dager siden
  • did nobody else notice that the frog cake had ✨forg✨ instead of frog 😂

    Jelly BeanJelly Bean26 dager siden

    Melodie OscayMelodie Oscay27 dager siden

    Melodie OscayMelodie Oscay27 dager siden
  • The guy that got his haircut looks like the guy with the bowl cut from dumber and dumb

    Jillian YorkJillian York27 dager siden
  • Who else loves Azzy? (:

    Ella HolmesElla Holmes27 dager siden
  • When you showed the pig cake she did not order it she told her friend to make it she did not order it because I watched it

    nickvip555nickvip55527 dager siden
  • Si there something wrong With her Voice?

    Sophia OpazoSophia Opazo27 dager siden
  • Can you show your all your favorite popping figets and your least favorite popping figets and your favorite ones?

    Mariam Mohammed mostafa Abdel FatahMariam Mohammed mostafa Abdel Fatah27 dager siden
  • is she sick?

    Erdenebaatar BatmunhErdenebaatar Batmunh27 dager siden
  • 9:15 that really sounded like mumbo jumbo when he said “i don’t even know what it is!”

    James WepsicJames Wepsic27 dager siden
  • Azzy, why do you always change the background.

    Loganplayz MinecraftLoganplayz Minecraft27 dager siden
  • What’s a boyfriend hack?

    Kimberleighs placeKimberleighs place27 dager siden
  • I hope anybody who reads this has a better day 😊

    World Of Rainbow RosesWorld Of Rainbow Roses28 dager siden
  • why is ur voice different azzy

    Pudding🍮_GachaPudding🍮_Gacha28 dager siden
  • You have a voice of a 🦄👼

    KK BronsonKK Bronson28 dager siden
  • When will u and gloom make riddles again:(

    Joleah BrightJoleah Bright28 dager siden
  • hello azzy! i really love your videos and ive been subscribing for 2 years now pls give me a shout out in your next video

    Krystal SwinkKrystal Swink28 dager siden
  • Grand. Concose. C2 2070 4th. Flore

    Fred SantanaFred Santana28 dager siden
  • Hi i wanted. To. Say. That. I love you😍

    Fred SantanaFred Santana28 dager siden
  • Hahahaha. My dad did the ”pretend tat You’re x amount old for ages and they believed it because my 4 YEAR YOUKGER sisterkr was taller and they thought that she was older than me. 😂😂 Kind of fun BUT it sucks in every case apart from that

    nora hagbergnora hagberg28 dager siden
  • Me:👧🏻👧🏻👧🏻 Me:👀.......👇 Me:🤩💕🌟😆😆😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Me:👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

    Raina LeeRaina Lee28 dager siden
  • Ice cream go pro man is a youtuber i also lik3

    Christopher J.P. MaskChristopher J.P. Mask28 dager siden
  • House tourrrrr

    SssniperleopardSssniperleopard28 dager siden
  • I subscribe and azzyland and I like gloom and I subscribed subscribe I like you

    Devin SewardDevin Seward28 dager siden
  • cool

    SPIDER-MAN The  CHOSEN ONE  Marvel Spider-Man fanSPIDER-MAN The CHOSEN ONE Marvel Spider-Man fan28 dager siden
  • hi im new here n i love your videos

    Caleigh BoydCaleigh Boyd28 dager siden
  • who remember her and kwebbelkop beeing together ahhh thoes were the days

    JellyJelly28 dager siden
  • U r the best youtuber

    Sreelatha reddySreelatha reddy28 dager siden
  • To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! 🦋

    Esther PEsther P28 dager siden
  • hi

    Dulcie ForrestDulcie Forrest28 dager siden

    BybogorBybogor28 dager siden
  • No one ever talks about ads I had an ad about a designer toy store what ad did u have?

    Purple KittenPurple Kitten28 dager siden
  • I watch u every day!

    Olivia PhamOlivia Pham28 dager siden
  • Azzy I LOVE your show!!

    Olivia PhamOlivia Pham28 dager siden
  • Are you and gloom still friends

    Ella KossElla Koss28 dager siden
  • My grandma got tested positive on covid no joke🤒😷🤢🤧😵😢

    Shennah van WieringenShennah van Wieringen28 dager siden
  • You made an ad!! I was watching a video and I saw an ad of you and your clothes!! Congrats!! I really want to buy some merchandise!!

  • hi

    Genesis ReyesGenesis Reyes28 dager siden
  • Hey Azzy can you play a horror game with Gloom

    Kacper BabickoKacper Babicko28 dager siden
  • omg Azzy!!!

    Lucas MoralesLucas Morales28 dager siden
  • My parents told me to change how old I am lot's of times lol

    Layla ShadiLayla Shadi28 dager siden
  • 1:16 that girl kinda Oohs like Azzy or am I trippin? 😅

    DIDA’s FUN WORLDDIDA’s FUN WORLD28 dager siden
  • Uhm your voice is okay now, keeping resting up though!

    Naomi GraceNaomi Grace28 dager siden
  • First 1k to comment

    ADEOLA ADEDIJI StudentADEOLA ADEDIJI Student28 dager siden
  • Soooooooooooooo glad that lonely sandwich is not here

    Chatha 123Chatha 12328 dager siden
  • Can we say if the cake was cute then you be sad you are ruining it or you be like meh sometimes and be like NO MERCY no just me ok😂😂

    🍵💅🏿😌tea qween😌💅🏿🍵🍵💅🏿😌tea qween😌💅🏿🍵28 dager siden
  • azzyland i think is time u think a new outtro

    siimplyAftonsiimplyAfton28 dager siden
  • “Can you even use a phone in that condition?” Sure...

    JazzJazz28 dager siden
  • Azzyland never pins comments

    Nikstar112Nikstar11228 dager siden
  • Azzy never pins comments

    Nikstar112Nikstar11228 dager siden
  • I just want to get noticed

    Nikstar112Nikstar11228 dager siden
  • Me: tries to get top comment Verified NOtownrs: imma end this mans career

    Nikstar112Nikstar11228 dager siden
    • Lol

      Mike DropsMike Drops28 dager siden
  • Can I get famous off this comment

    Nikstar112Nikstar11228 dager siden
  • In the video you made 2 years ago you said I'll take you to the movie theaters but they don't know last snakes well sorry I can't take you to the movie theaters either cuz they don't let pets in or snakes or guinea pigs

    Christopher BuchananChristopher Buchanan28 dager siden
  • So cute when you smile

    (*_*) chill panda(*_*) chill panda28 dager siden
  • Azzy looks like Katrina kaif

    Nisha BhadoriaNisha Bhadoria28 dager siden
  • Hi I love you and I just bought your Merch it would mean the world to me if you reply to this and if you don’t it’s OK just know that I love you❤️

    Monty HathawayMonty Hathaway28 dager siden
  • I’m so happy your voice is finally coming back!!!! ❤️❤️

    ItsMay 09ItsMay 0928 dager siden
  • hi

    Naila MohammedNaila Mohammed28 dager siden
  • 🐜🙂

    sakurasakura28 dager siden
  • I love how azzy just started selling merch and it is like she has learned what to say 😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    my lifemy life28 dager siden
  • Lol I pray for everyone stayed alive to Survive

    RockSnowRockSnow29 dager siden
  • u got size 8/9 or 7/8

    John WilliamsenJohn Williamsen29 dager siden
  • I love how the person who was putting tape on the wires wasn’t being dumb. If you didn’t notice, they used electrical not duck tape making a lot safer for whatever they used it for. I hope anyone who took the time to read this is having a wonderful day. Remember, you are beautiful and smart in your own way, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤️

    Emily OsbornEmily Osborn29 dager siden
  • Yeah my mom literally said that my 13-year-old brother was 8 so that she didn’t have to pay for him of course she obviously could’ve said he was 10 or 11 but no she said he was 8

    Toph BeifongToph Beifong29 dager siden
  • How did the noodles and the car 1 work?!

    Emily McCartyEmily McCarty29 dager siden
  • Are you OK, Azzy? It seems like you are unhappy.

    Exigent IncursionExigent Incursion29 dager siden
  • I am dieing by laughing after saw the hair cut of the guy and his expression 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 poor guy

    P😊m😎jassP😊m😎jass29 dager siden
  • Hi Azzy I am a huge fan and have been watching you for 4 years straight and I just wanted you to know today is my birthday so I would love it if I got a shout out in the next video or if you said happy birthday

    Lily RobbinsLily Robbins29 dager siden
  • Ha🤣😂🤣

    _Stitchie__Stitchie_29 dager siden
  • Azzy: there's no such thing as a free motercycle me: unless your friends with Mr. Beast

    Anime ÙvÚAnime ÙvÚ29 dager siden
  • 8:07 did she just say the B word??

    Starz EditzStarz Editz29 dager siden
  • her voice changed...oh well

    Saberlove34Saberlove3429 dager siden
  • Your voice is coming back

    Haider KarrarHaider Karrar29 dager siden
  • Hay this was posted 8 hours ago you are the best

    Cheryl WilldingCheryl Willding29 dager siden
  • ❤️

    Infinity NinjaInfinity Ninja29 dager siden
  • Yes I love cheapskate videos!!!

    KayleeKaylee29 dager siden
  • Stay Sweet 😘

    Sairusjoni NadarSairusjoni Nadar29 dager siden