Amazing Vending Machines That Will Blow Your Mind !

11. mai. 2021
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Azzyland - Amazing Vending Machines That Will Blow Your Mind ! Getting soda and chips from vending machines is so old school. Take a look at these vending machines! Don't forget to leave a like!

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  • What’s inside your dream vending machine? Chocolate? Puppies?! Both?!?!

    AzzyLandAzzyLandMåned siden

      Shadow CatShadow Cat9 dager siden

      Victor FrancoVictor Franco20 dager siden
    • Giant robot HA-

      The mini benji OfficialThe mini benji Official23 dager siden
    • Both all the way

      Lena ResinLena Resin24 dager siden
    • Defiantly puppies I’d take them all home with me

      Amber Malfoy-SnapeAmber Malfoy-Snape28 dager siden
  • BLACKPINK is my favorite kpop group

    DannyDanny9 dager siden
  • Is something wrong with your voice why is it so cracked

    Kevin VuongKevin Vuong18 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr22 dager siden

    Rman NayrRman Nayr22 dager siden
  • I live in Ireland and there is a pringals vending machine at rahien House Hotel in clonmel

    TilkiTilki23 dager siden
  • in Austraila we actually get money for our can 10mcents

    NymernatrixNymernatrix23 dager siden
  • 2:13 Those Robbers wasting the time at the bank. All they need is a Coke and they're good

    KorePlayz RobloxKorePlayz Roblox25 dager siden
  • i a long time ago tried a pizza vending machine

    zach2640 zach2640zach2640 zach264026 dager siden
  • This is so cool

    Isabella CoralesIsabella CoralesMåned siden
  • Azzy 5:23 : I don't really want something that a stranger has put in a package Me: But umm..isn't everything we buy, a stranger has put in a toothpaste...or shoes...?😂🤭

    CECE OparaCECE OparaMåned siden
  • Hi azzzy

    Alyvia SommersAlyvia SommersMåned siden
  • What app do you use to edit?

    Princess LiaPrincess LiaMåned siden

    TokyoTokyoMåned siden
  • She is right on should make a good talk host and paying attention to her for a while does a good job

    Rick ClarkRick ClarkMåned siden
  • are you sick?

  • You all she is scaming you all you all souls watch Rebecca zamolo

    Ryan BeckerRyan BeckerMåned siden
  • azzy: what if you got money for recycling soda cans swedes who literally do: 👁👄👁

    AlwinAlwinMåned siden
  • my dream vending machine is a boba vending machine 😊

    Cookie CookieCookie CookieMåned siden
  • sorry um im sorry whats happend to your voic im justt worreid

    hollei ogundhollei ogundMåned siden
  • At dear @AzzyLand , We love you azzy , but I feel bad that your sound is kind of gritty right now , I wish you take rest for a few days , just let all clear up and then come back as our old azzy, cute and cutiee :} lOVE U azzy

    PG LovePG LoveMåned siden
  • um... my mind dint blow up is that bad?

    holly shortholly shortMåned siden
  • Decisions on videos also it’s me Paris it’s me Paris my name is Paris and and I’m still in school but you’re so cool I’ve seen I’ve literally blew all your videos but I can’t stop watching it because I watch every single video that you posted it’s me Paris your favorite at Myer no seriously no seriously I was you probably don’t believe me but I was I don’t like because you don’t like the word only

    prodical sonprodical sonMåned siden
  • azzy is different before I stop I watching her for 2 years she was me energetic last time than now

    Kok MunpingKok MunpingMåned siden
  • It’s in la I think... I know it’s not in California... YA it’s in law and across the street or just somewhere around it there is a Reese’s factory... and some twirlers.

    Liam FoxxLiam FoxxMåned siden
  • I’ve been to that skittle place. It’s actually an m&m factory but there are skittles.

    Liam FoxxLiam FoxxMåned siden
  • A vending machine that takes cans and you get money 💰 we need that

    LuigiChamp Number 1LuigiChamp Number 1Måned siden
  • $500 for candy outta a vending machine this is the future and it is not pretty

    LuigiChamp Number 1LuigiChamp Number 1Måned siden
  • Hi

    โอเหนือ Chanelโอเหนือ ChanelMåned siden
  • Girly. I like watching your vids, but the reason I stopped watching some of them is cause you talk like, I would say a CHILD So sorry

    ItzLizzy RobertsItzLizzy RobertsMåned siden
  • Since Azzy soar throat stop I got a soar throat

    Amelia’s worldAmelia’s worldMåned siden
  • you are the best

    Aria AggreyAria AggreyMåned siden
  • ✓✓✓✓

    ~The Snowie Trio~~The Snowie Trio~Måned siden
  • Am In Nederlands I Didn't See It Am In Nederlands 2 Mounths 6:09

    amer moneramer monerMåned siden
  • I'm eating skittles now saving my favourite for last (purple one)

    tsuki love dinostsuki love dinosMåned siden
  • I hate cokolet

    Kenny GielkensKenny GielkensMåned siden
  • I wish I had my own personal vending machine 😃

    Spooky QueenSpooky QueenMåned siden
  • i dont like skittles but i love your vids

    Karolyn MooneyKarolyn MooneyMåned siden
  • There's a mall in Miami with the cotton candy machine it's Pembroke lakes mall, it's really cool. You can get hearts, flowers, or just regular with 3 or 4 different colors. They also have a Boba place in the food court

    hi_iam_lemonhi_iam_lemonMåned siden
  • u look like a model im not kiding

    Woolly Wizard Beard CoWoolly Wizard Beard CoMåned siden
  • Mine is puppy sssssssss

    Romana HrickovaRomana HrickovaMåned siden
  • 0:20 R.I.P earphones _Died Tuesday 11th May 2021_ How?: *Azzy dropped him*

    Ej10_playz •Roblox• And ꧁•ʙLossoᴍ ᴛᴇᴀ•꧂Ej10_playz •Roblox• And ꧁•ʙLossoᴍ ᴛᴇᴀ•꧂Måned siden
  • In Sweden you can give a machine cans and other things for money

    Business PandaBusiness PandaMåned siden
  • hey could you come to my house and give a iphone and air pods

    grace pecinagrace pecinaMåned siden
  • Wow

    Fluffy Para 123Fluffy Para 123Måned siden
  • To everyone who is reading this: You are beautiful! 🦋

    Esther PEsther PMåned siden
  • *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life...*

    Can i get 1 SubCan i get 1 SubMåned siden
  • 🐳AZZYLANDDDDD!!! My Gills are smiling, my tail is flipping and my scales are tingling! 🐳Great job my friend! 🐳 Im gonna head over & swim to the fridge now, because im starvin like Marvin! 💚 Love you 💚

    Mukbang MermaidMukbang MermaidMåned siden
  • i am so glad your voice is getting better

    fariha khaliquefariha khaliqueMåned siden
  • The Kylie vending machine is at the Vegas airport. I just saw it last month and my kids and I were laughing about it

    Mandy FordMandy FordMåned siden
  • and just wounder in

    Francesca ParkinFrancesca ParkinMåned siden
  • you look like her

    Francesca ParkinFrancesca ParkinMåned siden
  • You sick 😷 🤧 azzy

    Fatima JasimFatima JasimMåned siden
  • tigers

    FlamingTigerFlamingTigerMåned siden
  • Hi

    Consta StarConsta StarMåned siden
    • 770/771/772 oe

      Consta StarConsta StarMåned siden
  • ummm

  • Qowowoowowowo

    Devin LinDevin LinMåned siden
  • Azzy im a BIG BIG fan im 8 sin allmost all if your vides

  • Did i just see DrEaMcAtChEr!!!!

    Berta loveBerta loveMåned siden
  • I have seen the skittles vending machine the price are outrageous

    Yaroslava TysonYaroslava TysonMåned siden
  • Please make bTS video reaction please plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzz sister 💜I am bTS ARMY forever I purple you all bts and army

    cute bunny 💜cute bunny 💜Måned siden
  • Azzy: scratches head Earphones: ok, I HAD ENOUGH *falls out of azzys ear*

    manbinder17manbinder17Måned siden
  • Cool

    Consta StarConsta StarMåned siden
    • 759/760/761 oe

      Consta StarConsta StarMåned siden
  • Nice

    Devin LinDevin LinMåned siden
  • I wish azzy had a gaming channel and where's kassie why aren't you doing videos with kassie

    TheUnicornSparkleTheUnicornSparkleMåned siden
  • Yess i live in netherlands yeah😎😎

    Ilaysa DenswilIlaysa DenswilMåned siden
  • Hello azzyland love your video

    Cherry the BerryCherry the BerryMåned siden
  • Azzy: "Imagine if you could get money for empty cans" Meanwhile people in nordic countries: "Yeah, imagine that" :D

    TheCrosshareTheCrosshareMåned siden
    • That doesn’t exist in USA and Canada and some other countries?!!

      Minea SnickarsMinea SnickarsMåned siden
  • Jesus god,for whoever is reading this,please make them happy,heathy,safe and love azzy For the son of god, Jesus Chirst, Amen! ❤💗🙏💗❤

    Aunkaew KalongAunkaew KalongMåned siden
  • Imagine a chip machine that gives out whatever chips you want and you get to choose what chips u want •○•

    Aunkaew KalongAunkaew KalongMåned siden
    • I want chocolate chips! 🍫😋

      Delaney CechDelaney CechMåned siden
  • ok so... to everyone who hasnt been to a pizza vending machine, i have one in my TINY city and ive tried many of the ones which are there, and they were GROSS, so if you find a pizza vening machine, dont expect too much :)

    Andrea RokkanenAndrea RokkanenMåned siden
  • Woow

    W.O. Weird always! CochranW.O. Weird always! CochranMåned siden
  • Azzy seems different,or maybe its the background

    Bella RoseBella RoseMåned siden
  • azzy: i used to live in ansterdam me: Willem Janzsoon was born there .-. in 1570

    Melissa LeeMelissa LeeMåned siden
  • ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?

    Sarah HanksSarah HanksMåned siden
    • Yup 😆

      Spooky QueenSpooky QueenMåned siden
  • Please

    Kushanka ChamodyaKushanka ChamodyaMåned siden
  • Can you pleaseeeeeee try more life hack videos

    Kushanka ChamodyaKushanka ChamodyaMåned siden
  • 6:10 lmao I live in the Netherlands and she could be right, but I still haven't found it yet

    Vani van GamerenVani van GamerenMåned siden
  • Azzy thinks putting a coin in and you get a car in real life you really get a car but a toy car 😂😂😂

    James DoyleJames DoyleMåned siden
  • Is azzy sick she sounds sick

    PrincxsslyPrincxsslyMåned siden
  • Hello 💖

    Naila MohammedNaila MohammedMåned siden
  • Why do I watch food vid when I am hungry 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mia's dreamMia's dreamMåned siden
  • 6:13 where in the Netherlands I want to go thereeeeee

    Julia Vb3333Julia Vb3333Måned siden
  • Love you 😚

    Sairusjoni NadarSairusjoni NadarMåned siden
  • Me: tries to get top comment Verified NOtownrs: imma end this mans career

    Nikstar112Nikstar112Måned siden
  • Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids

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  • Can I get famous off this comment

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  • 💓💞💕💕💖💗💘

    Destiny wilsonDestiny wilsonMåned siden
    • LOL 😆

      Destiny wilsonDestiny wilsonMåned siden
  • Spy ninjas forever

    Sample UserSample UserMåned siden
  • "If this existed for an empty can, you'd get money for recycling" Return And Earn in Australia: Am I a joke to you?

    Pizza DuxPizza DuxMåned siden
    • That is what I was thinking!!

      heidi grayblockheidi grayblock20 dager siden
  • Are you and Jordan still together? Whatever his name is

    Garth McKenzieGarth McKenzieMåned siden
  • Here in Finland, they have vending machines in most grocery stores that squeeze you fresh orange juice :) must admit I’ve never tried it 😂👍🏻🍊

    Lili BaxxLili BaxxMåned siden
  • ...

    Zachary KellyZachary KellyMåned siden
  • Vending machine cafe is in Singapore

    lasts youtube channel you will look forlasts youtube channel you will look forMåned siden
  • Is OwO or Lonely sandwich here.

    Mohammad MiahMohammad MiahMåned siden
  • I just laugh like a highina

    _Maxximizzed__Maxximizzed_Måned siden

    Sunita ChauhanSunita ChauhanMåned siden
  • What happened to your voice?🤔

    Seth HavocSeth HavocMåned siden
  • Kittens and chocolate

    Hannah ChapmanHannah ChapmanMåned siden
  • hey Azzy, are you going back to Canada ever??

    PoketatoPoketatoMåned siden