Amazing Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations !

9. juni. 2021
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Azzyland - Amazing Disney Princess Glow Up Transformations !

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  • I love you away land

    Jaden MonroeJaden Monroe3 timer siden
  • The cold doesn’t bother her

    Kara BurkeKara Burke9 timer siden
  • .

    Devin LinDevin Lin11 timer siden
  • I think that belle would listen to the online books you can listen to! Lol loved the vid you always brighten my day with the comments you make on the picks! Love your vid azzy!

    KaylaKaylaDag siden
  • me and my sister LOVE you'er videos

    PV PTOPV PTODag siden
  • You should comply

    Jacob BaranowskiJacob BaranowskiDag siden
  • For second I wondered who is a Cinderella‘s new favorite godmother and I realized is the Internet because she goes online shopping now

    Jazlyn ButlerJazlyn ButlerDag siden
  • Azzy you recorded dis on my birthday but I couldn't watch it bc I was sick bc of my cover shot

  • what is the app that they use?

    Bassam abuzantBassam abuzantDag siden
  • That is the lame is the video I ever seen

    Kasey MongeKasey MongeDag siden
  • I love Azzyland!!!

    EchoRepeat123EchoRepeat123Dag siden
  • Have these people forgot that this is for babies and kids

    Melton unicorn cuties heartMelton unicorn cuties heartDag siden
  • Have these people forgot some of days are two babies and kids

    Melton unicorn cuties heartMelton unicorn cuties heartDag siden
  • My mind: DONT BE SHY, BUY PROCREATE Azzy download it and make a video of you using it and trying to make any Disney character glow up!! Do it if you love us 😘

    Summer SkeneSummer SkeneDag siden
  • Omg awesome video

    Brianna burrowsBrianna burrowsDag siden
  • wow i loved the jasmine one:0

    lia wendylia wendy2 dager siden
  • Love you too 😘

    Nour HossamNour Hossam2 dager siden
  • If anyone is wondering the app is procreate and they are using an ipad and apple pencil.

    khan shenzekhan shenze2 dager siden
    • Thanks for letting me know I have one🇦🇷🇦🇷

      Ava PrestonAva Preston2 dager siden
  • Arendelle is an island…

    Unicorn MissyUnicorn Missy2 dager siden
  • I love the final jasmine on 3:52

    Fatima BadraFatima Badra2 dager siden
  • I think as he loves me too because my name is Jasmine she seems like she really likes Jasmine the princess

    Fiona fidgets and moreFiona fidgets and more2 dager siden
    • Azzy

      Fiona fidgets and moreFiona fidgets and more2 dager siden
  • I always thought cinderella and belle were sisters cuz they both used to work and all if you understand

    Hafsa TanvirHafsa Tanvir2 dager siden
  • Ok

    Aarya WatsonAarya Watson2 dager siden
  • You look like SSSniperworf no kidding

  • Belle would probably listen to audio books instead...

  • What are these drawing apps?

    Eden AldayEden Alday3 dager siden
  • I have the app I can make you

    Edgar GuevaraEdgar Guevara3 dager siden
  • Belle would listen to her sound track 😂

    Shadowcorns 202Shadowcorns 2023 dager siden
  • Ariel is 32 years old

    Veronica RodriguezVeronica Rodriguez3 dager siden
  • my nme is jasmine azzy said my name

    Jasmine TilleyJasmine Tilley3 dager siden
  • “Does this app work on real people?” *me as an actual graphic designer who does these glow ups and knows that it’s not an app that does it its ART-* 🤦🏼‍♀️😑🙄

    Rainbow OreRainbow Ore3 dager siden
  • Hiiiiii

    Izzy GirlIzzy Girl3 dager siden
  • Super cool

    CloudyAik0 ♡CloudyAik0 ♡3 dager siden
  • Belle would listen to audio books not music lol

  • Omgwowwwwwwwwwwqww😍🥰

    Pottah HeadPottah Head3 dager siden
  • I am Elsa and my baby sister is Anna

    Natasha FosterNatasha Foster3 dager siden
  • azzy: what do you think Belle would listen to let me know me: her own song duh

    Darya RaadDarya Raad3 dager siden
  • Hi azzy~ 🤗

    David OOFDavid OOF3 dager siden
  • I Think Belle Is Listening To Book

    Qistina AzahaniQistina Azahani3 dager siden
  • Can we just appreciate that she does all this for us and his always stunning!!!!!!!!like I'd you 👍agree

    Rina patelRina patel3 dager siden
  • Eash, that looked painful!

    Magdalena PinczewskaMagdalena Pinczewska3 dager siden
  • سن

    Abir DaherAbir Daher3 dager siden
  • 𝗜 𝗹𝗼𝘃𝗲 𝗶𝘁

    StrawberryStrawberry3 dager siden
  • Meh name is Aizzy too

    Lee IsabelleLee Isabelle3 dager siden
  • Belle would totally listen to audio books, we all know that

    GachaKawaiiGachaKawaii3 dager siden
  • Hi! Love ur vids! Can u pls ask those people what editing apps they used and tell me? Thanks!

    EsaUceEsaUce3 dager siden
  • What app did they use for the painting

    AshleyUNIAshleyUNI3 dager siden
  • Belle would be listening to audiobooks

    Linn GustavssonLinn Gustavsson3 dager siden
  • i think belle would listen to cover me in sunshine because she loves yellow

    Mina_ Ashido_LoverMina_ Ashido_Lover3 dager siden
  • Idk

    George MaclarenGeorge Maclaren4 dager siden
  • Shouldn’t you as you because she already is pretty

    Yamira LopezYamira Lopez4 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does the first jasmine glow up look like Azzy Like if you agree

    ChristieTGPChristieTGP4 dager siden
  • Wait did azzy say ariele Ariana grande or Ariana grande I hear ariele Ariana grande

    LunaLuna4 dager siden
    • 1:35

      LunaLuna4 dager siden
  • Watch diesel patches roast of her.....u will not regret

    SS4 dager siden
  • Belle would listen to a song about how she does not need a man

    Adalyn WeberAdalyn Weber4 dager siden
  • what app do they use?

    Ella WrightElla Wright4 dager siden
  • Who else thinks belle would be a feminist 🤔

    Aliyah lailAliyah lail4 dager siden
  • Bell would listen to Beethoven

    Mocha BOBAMocha BOBA4 dager siden
  • Can we talk about how any has so much energy she like a kid and that’s a good thing

    Auryn HegmanAuryn Hegman4 dager siden
  • Belle would listen to smooth music

    The crazy cat famThe crazy cat fam4 dager siden
  • I honestly think Bell would be listening to audiobooks

    Wolfie Lucky ♡Wolfie Lucky ♡4 dager siden
  • what app do they change on?

    Juliana LambertJuliana Lambert4 dager siden
  • Bell would listen to audiobooks

    Steven RochesterSteven Rochester4 dager siden
  • Ima big fan! Ur so kind

    adaada4 dager siden
  • Bella listen to her own music like what do you thinking

    Marsh MellowMarsh Mellow4 dager siden
  • I think that bell listens to books 📚

    Petunia's Rockin' Fun TimePetunia's Rockin' Fun Time4 dager siden
  • bell belistning to but and the beast lol

    Srae WindsSrae Winds4 dager siden
  • Bell is listening to be our guest

    Jennifer MarshallJennifer Marshall4 dager siden
  • Hello love your video❤️🧡💛💚💙🏆

    Debra BoothDebra Booth4 dager siden
  • Bell is listening to wap😎

    Nathalia Montano (Student)Nathalia Montano (Student)4 dager siden
  • Is your voice breaking? Cuz it sounded kinda broken. If you need a break from NOtown go take one e

    Tim KulishTim Kulish4 dager siden
  • 2021 27

    Rene FritzRene Fritz4 dager siden
  • Azzyland it's not Anna you say it a little bit different than people do

    MollyPlansXOMollyPlansXO4 dager siden
  • 🤣😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Stephanie TingueStephanie Tingue4 dager siden
  • Girl that wasn't elsa

    Jasmine HammondJasmine Hammond4 dager siden
  • .

    KitkatKitkat4 dager siden
  • My names Jasmine and my mum says im a true princess + I love disney

    Jasmine LivingstoneJasmine Livingstone4 dager siden
  • I’m sick of cof

    Kiandra ClaytonKiandra Clayton4 dager siden
  • She’s listening to money hehe

    gd hyphengd hyphen4 dager siden
  • I think that belle will listen to build a bach by Bella porche

    Anna SivrievaAnna Sivrieva4 dager siden
  • What is the app they used for prince erich AKA Harry styles

    Claire gamingClaire gaming4 dager siden
  • Ikd

    fan of sunset cervefan of sunset cerve4 dager siden
  • 😅

    Glitter blogGlitter blog4 dager siden
  • 2:30 I think you meant Ginny Weasley

    {!Rose_ Emma!}{!Rose_ Emma!}4 dager siden
  • AZZYLAND!!!!! I’ve missed your much, you make me so happy.

    Charlize MooreCharlize Moore4 dager siden
  • Belle is listening to books on her phone. She still has to find a way to read books somehow in the modern age,

    The Greatest GraceThe Greatest Grace4 dager siden
    • Ha yeah true

      Sammy MSammy MDag siden
  • i didnt see you like 1 year and more.

    Aiko HelioAiko Helio4 dager siden
  • Anna turned into ginny

    Shama KhatoonShama Khatoon4 dager siden
  • Aladdin looks high 😂😂😂

  • Belle would read Machelle Obama’s book

    LexusRX350guy08LexusRX350guy084 dager siden
  • What do they use to make these blowups

    LexusRX350guy08LexusRX350guy084 dager siden
    • Procreate it costs money to download :)

      Snow OwlSnow Owl4 dager siden
  • Cinderella looked like a complete different person!

    Eleanor ThorpeEleanor Thorpe4 dager siden
  • you sshaall watch miraculous ladybug you will find rupenzel's twin brother

    shreya rawatshreya rawat5 dager siden
  • I love the outro it is so cute

    David CollinsDavid Collins5 dager siden
  • Hi!

    Hazel Thunder HRTHazel Thunder HRT5 dager siden
  • Why do a true Rangely why why I like Minnie mouse new fashion strange why is she wearing sneakers are the girls not sure where his heels in Jurassic’s I guess it’s a new improved better in my opinion Minnie mouse doesn’t have to work and that really really shows

    Gabby NeuwienGabby Neuwien5 dager siden
  • Why it’s hilarious I mean someone to make the meals that lift lipstick the same time

    Gabby NeuwienGabby Neuwien5 dager siden
  • I am so glad you had a close underneath I was like oh now gosh she has clothes underneath

    Gabby NeuwienGabby Neuwien5 dager siden
  • That moment when you realize Azzy has the same ending music as Lavendertowne O_O

    PuppygirlPuppygirl5 dager siden
  • Why did someone do a minion for a glow up.

    Joy BaileyJoy Bailey5 dager siden